They don't really match up between this and the dip brow.
It's my fav and so easy.
When travelling, I brought one in phoenix suns giveaways 2017 my make-up pouch in my check-in luggage on a flight.
3 Could be Better Quality Perfect colour for me and I love this so much I bought 3 but the only downside is every single one the brush end just snaps off within a month and it's very frustrating because I expected better quality.Consistency not as heavy as I would of liked for fashion brows.The fine tip was brilliant for drawing outline and feathering the tail of brows but I did need to fill in with powder.The colour is natural and realistic.Such a good pencil, I'm impressed by its quality.The brush at the other end of the pencil is terribly handy and can be used to firstly prepare your brows for drawing and then for grooming the brows into shape and also making the drawn on bits look even more natural.I was soooo excited to get my brow wiz that's when I got the cultbeauty black parcel I ripped it open to try at work!It's too bad though, because I really like the pencil.This was one of my first purchases on and I heard about this particular product online.This pencil is absolutely the best I've ever used.It is the perfect shade for me and creates such natural looking fuller eyebrows by using short stroked to shape.The spoolie is handy, I don't use that one as I rely on a different one, but it is nice to know it's there if I need.4 Nifty Little Brow Wiz When I received this skinny little eyebrow pencil after hearing all about how wonderful it was and only just getting used to the jumbo Hourglass pencil I can't lie I was a little disappointed.5 The best for my brows It's the best brow pencil I've ever tried!It is very fine which allows precise strokes, which look real natural.I cant believe it after years searching, I finally found.My only issues would be that it really doesn't last too long and it isn't really until you've finished with it you realise it's done with but this may be down to using it to fill rather than just outline.5 Fantastic Produce Better than anything else I've used, for the first time I am proud of my brows.And it was the best eyebrow pen of this kind I ever had.
Its so fine, I can get the exact shape I want.
It stays on all day.