Its the wet and wild discount tickets inevitable result of the mainstreaming of Islamophobia weve seen in recent months with the presidential campaign, cair spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said in a phone interview.
Protesters walk during a protest Donald Trump in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday AP:Associated Press 60 wholesale animal print gift bags boston.A female student in a hijab at San Diego State University was assaulted and robbed on Wednesday, the university said.The battle isnt over, its just begun.Trumps campaign was marked by overtones of nativism, racism and jingoism, with the president-elect calling Mexicans rapists and promising to ban all Muslims from entering the country.A protester kicks an object as demonstrators riot in Oakland, California Reuters 60 The 'P' word.A string of Democrat-backing celebrities including Katy Perry and Ariana Grande called for a revolution after Hillary Clinton lost.Protesters up and down the country refuse to accept the election result Reuters 60 Protesters walk during a demonstration against Trump outside Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago Getty Images 60 Demonstrators protest on top of a bus outside of the Trump Tower.In LA, thousands of protesters burned a giant Trump head in front of City Hall while others sprayed graffiti on buildings and cars.Unfortunately, it really is up to Donald Trump to repudiate this kind of bigotry.Another 4,000 took to the streets in Boston, Massachusetts.The nypd confirmed 65 people had been arrested, mostly for disorderly conduct or resisting arrest.Reuters 60 Road rage.Students at a nearby college campus of American University burned US flags and chanted f* white America.Related stories checking OUT THE NEW digs Donald Trump heading to White House today to discuss handover with Barack Obama defendant-in-chief Donald Trump faces fraud court battle before inauguration in 'fraud' fight over Trump University courses HE came IN likrecking ball 'Sad' Miley Cyrus sobs.Getty Images 60, huge numbers of protesters gathered in New York.If I have to go to jail for protesting, Ill go to jail.AP:Associated Press 60, the Trump supporter, right, looked set to lunge at his opponent as tensions boiled over after election night.Brit singer Adele also wept over Mr Trumps win at a concert in Houston, Texas.Lady Gaga tweeted: The chaos in USA is result of Trumps irresponsible campaigning.
Getty Images 60 A police vehicle was set on fire in Oakland, California Splash News 60 A protester torches a Trump effigy in Oakland as protests erupted throughout America Reuters 60 A police officer aims a launcher after demonstrators threw projectiles toward a line.