But it is also very practical to try out a Planet Fitness club first before eventually signing up as a member.
There are actually two membership types in Planet Fitnessthe basic membership which has a monthly fee of 10, and the Black Card membership which has a monthly fee.
In case you are able to find a Planet Fitness free pass offer on these websites, make sure that the promo or offer is ongoing.Cant be used in conjunction with any other partner/promotional offer/deal.Fortunately for you, there are several ways to get a Planet Fitness guest pass.Planet of Triumphs, member Stories, planet of Triumphs, member Stories.You might find Planet Fitness gyms too laidback for your taste, so its really recommended that you work out in a Planet Fitness club first before signing a long-term membership contract with them.You can also visit the websites of the Planet Fitness club near your area then enter your ZIP code and find the store closest to your residence or workplace.Likewise, there are more cardio training machines than free weights.Visit deal websites and see if there are current promos that can give you a Planet Fitness free trial.Every now and then, Planet Fitness offers membership sales at participating locations nationwide.So what are you waiting for?With more than 600 clubs in various locations in the United States, there should be a Planet Fitness club near you.Thats right, anyone who has a Planet Fitness Black card can bring in as many guests as he or she wants at any Planet Fitness location.Although the promo offered by Planet Fitness does not exactly give you a free pass to any club, the down payment of 1 is practically giveaway.Below is how you can obtain a guest, free, trial pass for Planet Fitness: Guest Pass Box, guest Pass Offered, yes.You can also contact a Planet Fitness club near you and inquire whether they are offering any promos such as Planet Fitness free trial.Getting a10 pass at a Planet Fitness location will also give you an idea on the type of environment that PF clubs have.You can also check with a Planet Fitness gym near you and verify if it does accept coupons or Planet Fitness free trial offers from deals websites you stumble upon on the Internet.Be On the Lookout for Promos.That would pose a problem for you, especially if you are serious in bodybuilding.

Did you know that PF clubs prohibit excessive grunting, and even psyching up rituals that pro bodybuilders love to do?
 Planet Fitness monthly fees range from 10 to 20, although you would still have to pay an annual fee of 29.