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I travel with carry on only, even for months, so often I need to wash my clothes!
The rankings were determined by using 7 different metrics generated by respected 3rd party tools that I believe give the most accurate way to measure the quality of a travel blog without having access to their website analytics and reading every article on their site.
Goats On The Road by Dariece Nick Most blogged about destination?
And, in general, I never forget portable power banks for my mobile, you never know when youll be able to charge.View on Amazon Adventure in You by Anna Faustino Most blogged about destination?Caribbean (Nevis) Whats your #1 tip for first timers visiting there?For example, I would screenshot an image, such as of a pig and gesture no to communicate with restaurant employees that I do not want pork.Also be aware that it is considered rude to give or accept things with your left hand.The first time you visit Bali, the culture shock can quickly set.This makes it easy to find travel tips relevant to you.It is not only because it is to contact with family and friends, facebooking and whatnots.I also suggest exploring the whole island.I also use it as chapstick (and it tastes delicious)!It even filters out the bad taste.This stylish retro one is my favourite because it looks good too!