So begins Bookwork, which follows our passion for books to its logical extreme in artists who employ found or simulated books as a sculptural medium.
The paintings have the appearance of a Minimalist installation from a distance, yet function as more literal realist paintings when viewed close up, playing with the detailed nature of the objects as they contrast with the sparse vocabulary of Minimalism.
3 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Database, accessed 11 November 2017.
Finalists are on display until Image: Spectrum, 2009, Oil on Linen, 76 x 76cm (courtesy of Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne) best book to gift a best friend Victorias work featured in the latest issue of Australian Art Collector. Finally, Siwertz introduced and awarded the Prize in Literature.Image: Last Days, 2010, Oil on Linen, 80 x 80cm (courtesy of Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne) NOW showing retro-machine Albury Art Gallery 17 september 19 november 2010 A celebration of audio visual electronics before the size of your hard drive became more important than the size.Sharne Wolff visited Victoria Reichelts home studio ahead of her current show with Dianne Tanzer Gallery Projects heres what she saw.He helped to end the Boer War, negotiated the Irish Treaty, engineered a Middle East settlement, promoted a Jewish national home.For the Grundys Rotunda Gallery, Beale has created a site-specific installation comprising a frieze of large-scale works on paper and a collection of hand-stitched fabric banners.Bene had been in exile for the duration.The exhibition features the work of PJ Hickman, Alasdair Macintyre, Victoria Reichelt, Julie Rrap, Matthew Sleeth, Imants Tillers, Anne Zahalka and Michael Zavros.Shift acts as a monument to the magazines that live temporarily scattered around our homes, to be kept and collected or replaced with newer versions of ad Kate Rhodes catalogue essay here: Paint is the answer but what is the question?The cameras I am using however, are antiques and have themselves been made redundant, superseded by new technologies and relegated to the realm of beautiful collectors items.November 2006 (Image, Film Noir, 2006, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100cm) Victoria has won the 10,000 Kenilworth Art Prize Finalists on display until september 2006 (Image, The Grass is Greener, 2006, Oil on Canvas,.2.5cm) Victoria is a finalist in the Fletcher.Catalogue features new and recent works to explore book spines and library shelves as sources of unexpected aesthetic delight.

Coming soon lossless: alex seton victoria reichelt JAN murphy gallery 29 october 16 november LosslessĀ is a data compression format without any loss of quality, often used for archiving or production purposes.
We invite you to the gallery just a short walk from the Royal Exhibition Building to celebrate all our artists.