Well organized, plenty of cool swag and a great new course in Norfolk.
TriggerPoint grid Foam Roller, price: 40, must have injury prevention/recovery piece.
Smartwool PhD Reversible Hat, price: 28, super cute winter running hat featuring merino wool fiber that manages moisture better than cotton, is smarter than synthetics and is more win loss statement wynn las vegas comfortable in any weather condition. I also brought a throw away fleece I got from the thrift store for golf trip sweepstakes waiting at the start and warm up miles.Has a cool flip mitt versatility!And for those who love it, they absolutely cant get enough. . Run/walk and the HRT or heart rate training (you can learn more about that by clicking here). The course was really nice with some great views of Norfolk.Race #2 The Half Marathon (lots of firsts this weekend for me) first time I completed an entire half marathon using run/walk first time I ran with a buddy at my pace first time doing a race challenge weekend first time I have ever run.Manzella Cascade Convertible Mittens, price:. So no PR goal just a nice shake out for Sundays main event. I truly enjoyed pacing with another runner, it really did make the miles wiz. I have run a few races in Norfolk before (Heart of Ghent, chkd 8k and The Freedom Half) but never this exact course.And then I came across the collection of awesome eco-friendly, recycled brown kraft paper journals from Journaling Jane on Etsy and I was like, yup.Smartwool Socks, price: 15-18.
It was very cold for this time of year in Virginia.

The one who has run 5 races this year.
Im on the lookout for some cute small gifts to give out to some of the people I love, or even for my girls to give to their own BFFs.
And while you cant put a price on friendship, the journals themselves start at just 6 for 30-40 pages.