Then forty is the new twenty.
Anneke enjoyed an all-inclusive hotel stay with dancing, swimming, karaoke and drinks.
Enjoy it while it's here, because you'll have to wait ten years.
Make yours a oneida anchor promo code celebration of who you are.Britt took a holiday in Thailand and had a beach dinner with her man.Barb celebrated her 60th birthday 50s style with girlfriends.This is your time in life to embrace the unique and wonderful woman you are.Margaret went to Cuba.And I wouldn't change it, even if I could.Elizabeth walked to the top of Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England.Elinore invited friends and musicians piano and cello to play her favourite classical music.Maimuns children rented her a 6 star hotel room in Kuala Lumpur Sues children brought her a ring with three diamonds to celebrate each child.Sandra had a garden party and bought herself a divorce ring!The form also uses double meanings such as puns and rich metaphorical imagery from nature and culture. .It didn't happen fast, but after waiting patiently, it's come to you at last.Marilyn went to Kenya on Safari and spent the day giving gifts in various orphanages.And that was long ago!Same with thirty, forty, and, oh, yeah, heineken gift baskets the big five.We've hardly known it's been.For your next milestone year.Linda did a tandem skydive as a charity fundraiser for a local hospice.
The Grand Young Age (A Personalized Birthday Poem this poem makes a great birthday toast to the birthday man or woman who's a coworker, employee, wife, husband, friend or family member!
And every bluff ended with gold!